Okinawa Trip from HongKong「沖縄旅行の思い出」(動画)

香港からの家族旅行でTippiちゃんの誕生日ということもあり、琉装でさつえいしましたぁ〜! パパ、ママ、おじさん、おばちゃん みんなで楽しそう!!


Okinawa Trip from HongKong「沖縄旅行の思い出」(動画)」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Dear Mr Yagi
    I have received the photo (totally three photos). And i can see the photos and the movies. Tippi`s has very happy and enjoy the birthday journey. Thx a lot.

    1. Mr. and Mrs. Dan,
      Thank you for choosing our beauty-salon & studio.
      And I am glad to hear that Tippi spend happy shooting time.
      I am sure that this trip will be her treasure.
      We hope to see you again.
      Enjoy last day of Okinawa trip.


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